Free PSN Cards


Here you can download your Free PlayStation Network Cards or free PlayStation Plus Subscriptions.

Simply click the image that corresponds with the code you would like to have. After clicking the image, you will be transfered to an external website to get your code. In order to receive your code, you have to complete a very simple and FREE offer.After doing so you will get your own UNIQUE code.

Underneath your image you can see a status bar which indicates how much codes are already used and how much codes still are available. We guess the codes are used pretty quickly, so you should hurry and get yourself one. If you have any more questions, please refer to our FAQ page.

Note: Each code you download is unique and can only be used ONE TIME, so don’t share it with anyone else!

Free PlayStation Network Card Codes

Free 10 Dollar PSN Card    Free 20 Dollar PSN Card    Free 50 Dollar PSN Card

Free PlayStation Plus Card Codes

Free 3 Month PlayStation Plus Code    

6 comments on “Free PSN Cards
  1. r00t says:

    thank you guys so much for this, got myself settled for a while :)

  2. randy says:

    first time i found a website where this actually works

  3. donna says:

    got 20 $50 codes suckerz

  4. daniel says:

    thanks so much for these guys! :)

  5. johnnie says:

    Thank you

  6. elijah says:

    i got 50$ Haha sucker

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